Zei Shin Do Karate


A Combination of Traditional Forms and   applications along with modern freestyle concepts and self defence techniques. Covers different ranges of martial arts technique.




Zei Shin Do Karate is a member school of the Martial Arts Industry Association and our black belt instructors have completed Level 1 & 2 courses under the National Coaching and Accreditation Scheme (NCAS- Federal Government).  They also have current Level 1 & 2 First Aid Certificates.


Club Name:

Literally translated, “Zei Shin Do” means a theoretical true way.  Therefore the translation of our club name is “learning a practical method of self defence through the study of karate theory and techniques”.


Club History:

Zei Shin Do Karate was initiated in April 1986. Our club is based on a traditional system of karate however our style has branched out with a combination of techniques from various Martial Arts.  This leads to a variety of techniques and interesting classes.

What Can I Get Out Of Training?
  • Develop Self Confidence.
  • Learn Self Defence.
  • Get Fit.
  • Make New Friends.
  • Participate in Tournaments & Social Events.
  • Develop Mind & Body.
  • Learn Respect, Etiquette & Self-Control.
  • Develop Awareness.


What Does Training Consist Of?
  • Warm Up, exercises & stretching.
  • Karate techniques & forms (kata).
  • Self defence techniques.
  • Use of equipment such as: Kick pads, focus mits, bags, floor to ceiling, speed balls and  ground mats.
  • Covering all ranges of combat including kicking, striking, and grappling


What Do People Wear When Participating?
  • As a beginner, you may begin your training at our club in any normal sports attire (tracksuits, t-shirts, shorts).  However, as you progress in your training, it is expected you wear a white Karate Uniform (Gi). Gi’s can be purchased by placing an order through the club.

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Combat Submission Wrestling / Mixed Martial Arts


What is Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts is a Hybrid Martial Art including techniques from Boxing, Kickboxing,Muay Thai, Shoot-Wrestling,Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Frestyle Wrestling, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Sambo, Catch as Catch can and JKD Grappling.

South East Academy of Martial Arts MMA is based upon Erik Paulson's ( Former World Light Heaveyweight Shoot-Wrestling Champion ) Combat Submission Wrestling System.

The aim of an MMA fight is to Knock out or submit your opponent into a finishing lock or hold.


What can I get out of training ?

  • develop self confidence
  • tone up
  • make new friends
  • get fit
  • develop strength, your mind and body
  • raise your awareness


What does each class consist off ?

  • Training on mats
  • Warm up and exercises
  • Striking and positioning drills
  • Application of locks and holds
  • Free sparring
  • Stretching and cool down


Do I need to bring any equipment ?
  • No; mats and kick pads are available on the premises


What do I need to wear when participating ?
  • Comfortable sports attire such as track suit , t-shirt , shorts, etc
  • Wrestling boots are also recommended but not necessary


Do I have to have a martial arts background to participate?
  • No; classes are open to both male and female participants of all ages


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Muay Thai Kickboxing



Muay Thai Kickboxing is a total body Cardio Vascular Workout.  It involves basic Thai BoxingTechniques such as punching, kicking, kneeing and elbows along with clinchwork.
Emphasis is placed on the correct execution of technique as well as the benefit arising from exercises, drills and routines.

What Can I Get Out Of Training?

  • Develop self confidence
  • Get Fit.
  • Tone Up.
  • Make new friends
  • Develop Strength.
  • Develop Mind & Body.
  • Develop Awareness.


What Does Each Class Consist Of?
  • Each class will be different.  Classes include an aerobic type workout, some will make use of training equipment such as kick bags, matts, weights, boxing bags and skipping ropes. Classes will also combine the correct use of kick pads and focus mits along with resistance training.


Do I need to bring any equipment?
  • Yes, you need to bring along your own towel. It is also best to bring your own gloves; however temporary gloves are provided for the first few classes. All other equipment is located on premises.


What Do I Wear When Participating?
  • Comfortable Sports attire such as tracksuits, t-shirts, shorts etc…


Do I have to have a Martial Arts background to participate?
  • Definitely not. Classes are open to both male and female participants of all ages. The techniques from each class are explaned thoroughly.

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