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Please note that mouth guards are complusory during sparring. If you do not have a mouthguard at training, you will not be allowed to spar. It is a good idea to get into the habbit of brining your mouthguard to training on all nights. Groin protectors, gloves and shin pads are available in class for junior members. Senior karate members and MMA students are encouraged to purchase their own protective equipment.


The first white tag will represent an achievement of the basics for the next level ( i.e . Stances, Striking, Blocking, Kicking, etc ). The second white tag will represent an understanding of the Kata, Drills, Groundwork, and Self Protection requirements for the next level. Once members have 2 white tags then they are ready to grade for the next belt level at next grading review class.

Simulation / Scenario Training

We have purchased a Predator Armour™ – Full Force Combat Body Protection Suit which we will begin using on occasions in our self protection and street boxing and grappling classes. The suit will provide a realistic opportunity to defend from a non compliant predator at full force.

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